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DFW Air Conditioning Service

When the summer sun is beating down on Texas homes and businesses, NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC is on the job! We are the number one choice for affordable, first-class air conditioning services, and we take pride in a job well done. Whether you need air conditioner repair, maintenance, or even replacement, NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC has an expert on staff to handle all of your home cooling needs. Put your trust in a company that has over 18 years experience servicing DFW with reliable, honest, and budget-friendly HVAC services. 

To begin, please choose from the air conditioning services below or call Next Level Solutions HVAC for more information:


New Air Conditioner Sales & Installation

Tired of fighting with your finicky air conditioner? Take a moment to consider how you could benefit from a new AC system from NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC. Banish high cooling costs with systems rated up to 25 SEER and improve your comfort with the many groundbreaking technologies included in our systems. Our Home Comfort Specialists will make installing your new AC system as easy and as affordable as possible. We are DFW's premier installer of air conditioning systems, and we can put our expertise to work for you!

AC Repair 

Air conditioner breakdowns are often unexpected, and they tend to occur at some of the most inconvenient times! The next time your air conditioner abandons you on a 100+ degree day here in DFW, give NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC a call and take advantage of our 24 hour emergency AC repair services! Our staff of licensed and insured technicians are ready with the parts you need to get your air conditioner back up and running within a matter of hours! Contact NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC now to restore comfort today!

Certified Air Conditioner Maintenance

Preparing the air conditioner for summer is as simple as scheduling your yearly Clean and Check with NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC. Our multipoint AC tune up will remove the year's worth of dirt and debris that has built up within the system and return the air conditioner to the highest level of efficiency possible! Prevent unexpected breakdowns and save money on your cooling bills with a NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC Clean and Check!

AC Filter Replacements

During a hot Texas summer, it’s important that your air conditioning system continues to run efficiently so that you and your family can stay cool and comfortable. Proper preventative maintenance is key to an efficient cooling system. With this in mind, NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC is proud to announce to provide AC filter replacement solutions.

Top-notch evaporator coil services in DFW

If your air conditioning system has stopped producing the cool blast of air that it once did, but you’re unable to find the root of the issue, your evaporator coil may be to blame. This hidden component within your AC system is hard to find for the average homeowner, which is where professional help from the experts at NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC comes in handy.

Make Up Air Services

Make-up air is designed to “make up” the air in your interior space that has been removed due to process exhaust fans. This type of HVAC solution pulls in fresh, tempered air from outside your building to replace existing air that cannot be recirculated. Mostly used in commercial applications, this service is a expert specialty that is not available in many other Air Conditioning Companies.


Dehumidification is a highly energy intensive process, especially in humid climates and for building typologies that require strict space humidity setpoints. Sub-cooling of air to condense out moisture using chilled water or refrigerant is the most common method for dehumidifying. Alternative strategies such as desiccant wheel, dual wheel and wrap around coils could more energy efficiently be used for certain climate zones and project types. Using energy models and results from a customized Excel-based tool, this paper evaluates applicability of each dehumidification strategy based on the local climate and building typology. Next Level Solutions is the industry kleader in the DFW area for all dehumidification services.

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems

Next Level Solutions also is an industry leader in dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS). A dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) is a type of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) system that consists of two parallel systems: a dedicated system for delivering outdoor air ventilation that handles both the latent and sensible loads of conditioning the ventilation air, and a parallel system to handle the (mostly sensible heat) loads generated by indoor/process sources and those that pass through the building enclosure. Contact us today to find out how we can create a cool comfortable environment for your outdoor space. 

DFW Heating Service

NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC is dedicated to delivering high quality heating services at a price you can afford! Repairing or replacing the furnace does not have to break your budget, and you do not have to settle for second-rate services! No matter what your needs may be, NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC has a professionally trained and licensed technician to handle the job with expert hands and genuine concern for your comfort. Our customer service, installation, and service departments are available to you around the clock for everything from heating repair and maintenance checks to boiler and furnace installation across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. 

To begin, please choose from the heating services below or call Next Level Solutions HVAC for more information:

ac repair
ac mainenance
filter rplacements
evaporator coil
make up air service

New Furnace Sales & Installation

Looking for a new furnace? If so, you came to the right place! Wortman Central Air understands that investing in a new heating system is a big decision, and we want you to make the right choice! Our Tulsa Home Comfort Specialists will guide you through the heating installation process and help you choose the perfect furnace for your heating needs, and we off several popular brands to choose from. Our heating systems are built to deliver dependable performance and economical warmth at a budget-friendly price! From ultra-high efficiency systems to a plethora of innovative features, there is much to consider when purchasing a furnace, but Wortman Central Air makes it easy!

Furnace Repair 

No matter what your experiences may have been in the past, furnace repair does not have to be an inconvenience when you choose NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC! We are DFW's leading heating repair company, and we promise to be there for you when you need us most! That is why we offer 24 hour furnace repair services every single day of the year throughout the Dallas - Fort Worth area!  Do not wait to restore comfort in your home, and contact our friendly customer service representatives to schedule your furnace repair now!

Certified Furnace Cleaning & Maintenance

Taking care of your furnace is more important than you may think! Furnaces that suffer from frequent failures and inefficient performance are typically those that have not been properly maintained by a trained professional. A 30+ point Clean and Check from NEXT LEVEL SOLUTIONS HVAC's certified technicians could be just what your furnace needs to get back on track. Take advantage of these affordable services and protect your heating system from unwanted breakdowns and high utility costs all winter long.

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